About Us

MediaDrive is an initiative of students and staff from the Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications, in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University.

The past two decades has seen the practice of journalism change dramatically. The rise of media convergence means journalists must work in image and sound as much text written word, often within the same report.

Add in the arrival of the social web and the act of journalism can no longer generating a news product but as participation in an on-going news process. In this era, swiftly becoming known as Journalism 2.0, news media is as much about the conversation that exists between producer and consumer, and the flipping of such roles to create collaborative news content.  

MediaDrive is designed as a forum for Southern Cross University students, alumni, academics, and community members to produce journalism across all media forms. It provides an opportunity for emerging journalists, writers and multi-media producers to get a foothold in an ever-changing professional publishing sphere.

We welcome contributions of news and feature content, opinion pieces, as well as arts and literature reviews in any media form. If you have an idea for a story or other contribution, visit the contact page to send an email to the editor.