Council knocks back Ballina marina proposal

5 September 2014
Photo by Lynda
Photo by Lynda

The plan to build a $56 million marina in Ballina on the NSW north coast has been turned down by the town’s council.

A widespread push from the community for a marina prompted David Wilson Landscape Architects to devise a master plan for the Kingsford Smith Park precinct.

The architectual firm claims the development would provide Ballina with $2 million in rates a year plus 315 job openings for the area.

But Ballina Mayor David Wright said that the large scale of the project concerned the community and the plan was sprung on them without enough warning.

The marina was to include a resort hotel, apartments, residential allotments, condominiums and 300 places to dock a boat.

Teresa White has holidayed at Shaws Bay Caravan Park for her whole life. She said people who didn’t "know Ballina" coined the master plan.

"They haven’t asked the community what they want, they’re just thinking of their own interests. It’s a tricky job because you have the tides and floods to consider, it wouldn’t have worked here anyway," she said.

Some concerns among Ballina residents included the destruction of a public park and a popular beach access, elimination of views, and the town turning into a Gold Coast-like nightmare.

However, there is still a high demand for a new marina in the town so Cr Wright has allocated $80,000 to investigate the suitability of two other sites at Regatta Ave and Fisheries Creek.

Currently both options are still being examined.